Book to Movie: The Thin Red Line

The Book to Movie of Month
  • Author: James Jones
  • Pages: 510
  • Audio: NA
The Book to Movie of Month
  • Director: Terrence Malick
  • Screen Writer: Terrence Malick
  • Running Time: 2 hours and 50 minutes


  • Sean Penn as 1st Sgt. Edward Welsh
  • Adrien Brody as Cpl. Geoffrey Fife
  • Jim Caviezel as Pvt. Robert E. Lee Witt
  • Ben Chaplin as Pvt. Jack Bell
  • George Clooney as Capt. Charles Bosche
  • John Cusack as Capt. John Gaff
  • Woody Harrelson as Sgt. Keck
  • Elias Koteas as Capt. James Staros
  • Jared Leto as 2nd Lt. William Whyte
  • Dash Mihok as Pfc. Don Doll
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Pvt. Tills
  • Nick Nolte as Lt. Col. Gordon Tall
  • John C. Reilly as Sgt. Maynard Storm
  • Larry Romano as Pvt. Mazzi
  • John Savage as Sgt. McCron
  • John Travolta as Brig. Gen. Quintard
  • Arie Verveen as Pfc. Charlie Dale