Book to Movie: Boardwalk Empire

The Book to Movie of Month
  • Author:
  • Pages:
  • Audio: 11 hours and 31 minutes
The Book to Movie of Month
  • Director: Terence Winter
  • Screen Writer: Terence Winter
  • Running Time: 5 Seasons, 56 Episodes


  • Steve Buscemi as Enoch
  • Michael Pitt as James
  • Kelly Macdonald as Margaret Thompson
  • Michael Shannon as Nelson Van Alden
  • Shea Whigham as Elias "Eli" Thompson
  • Aleksa Palladino as Angela Darmody
  • Michael Stuhlbarg as Arnold Rothstein
  • Stephen Graham as Al Capone
  • Vincent Piazza as Charles "Lucky" Luciano
  • Paz de la Huerta as Lucy Danziger
  • Michael Kenneth Williams as Albert "Chalky" White
  • Anthony Laciura as Edward Anselm "Eddie" Kessler
  • Paul Sparks as Mieczyslaw "Mickey Doyle" Kuzik
  • Dabney Coleman as Commodore Louis Kaestner
  • Jack Huston as Richard Harrow
  • Gretchen Mol as Gillian Darmody
  • Charlie Cox as Owen Sleater
  • Bobby Cannavale as Gyp Rosetti
  • Ron Livingston as Roy Phillips
  • Jeffrey Wright as Dr. Valentin Narcisse
  • Ben Rosenfield as Willie Thompson