Book to Movie: Nobody’s Fool

The Book to Movie of Month
  • Author: Richard Russo
  • Pages: 549
  • Audio: 24 hours and 53 minutes
The Book to Movie of Month
  • Director: Robert Benton
  • Screen Writer: Robert Benton
  • Running Time: 1 hour and 50 minutes


  • Paul Newman as Donald "Sully" Sullivan
  • Jessica Tandy as Beryl Peoples
  • Bruce Willis as Carl Roebuck
  • Melanie Griffith as Toby Roebuck
  • Dylan Walsh as Peter Sullivan
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince as Rub Squeers
  • Gene Saks as Wirf Wirfley
  • Josef Sommer as Clive Peoples Jr.
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman as Officer Raymer
  • Philip Bosco as Judge Flatt
  • Catherine Dent as Charlotte Sullivan
  • Margo Martindale as Birdy