Book to Movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The Book to Movie of Month
  • Author: J.K. Rowling
  • Pages: 435
  • Audio: 11 hours and 49 minutes
The Book to Movie of Month
  • Director: Alfonso Cuarón
  • Screen Writer: Steve Kloves
  • Running Time: 2 hours and 22 minutes


  • Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
  • Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley
  • Emma Watson as Hermione Granger
  • Robbie Coltrane as Rubeus Hagrid
  • Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore
  • Richard Griffiths as Vernon Dursley
  • Gary Oldman as Sirius Black
  • Alan Rickman as Severus Snape
  • Fiona Shaw as Petunia Dursley
  • Maggie Smith as Minerva McGonagall
  • Timothy Spall as Peter Pettigrew
  • David Thewlis as Remus Lupin
  • Emma Thompson as Sybill Trelawney
  • Julie Walters as Molly Weasley