Book to Movie: My Left Foot

The Book to Movie of Month
  • Author: Christy Brown
  • Pages: 192
  • Audio: NA
The Book to Movie of Month
  • Director: Jim Sheridan
  • Screen Writer: Shane Connaughton and Jim Sheridan
  • Running Time: 1 hour and 43 minutes


  • Daniel Day-Lewis as Christy Brown
  • Hugh O'Conor as young Christy Brown
  • Brenda Fricker as Bridget Fagan Brown
  • Ray McAnally as Patrick Brown
  • Fiona Shaw as Eileen Cole
  • Kirsten Sheridan as Sharon Brown
  • Alison Whelan as Sheila Brown
  • Eanna MacLiam as Benny Brown
  • Declan Croghan as Tom Brown
  • Marie Conremme as Sadie Brown
  • Cyril Cusack as Lord Castlewelland
  • Phelim Drew as Brian
  • Eileen Colgan as Nan
  • Ruth McCabe as Mary Carr
  • Adrian Dunbar as Peter