Book to Movie: Men of Respect

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  • John Turturro as Mike Battaglia/Macbeth
  • Katherine Borowitz as Ruthie Battaglia/Lady Macbeth
  • Dennis Farina as Bankie Como/Banquo
  • Peter Boyle as Matt Duffy/Macduff
  • Rod Steiger as Charlie D'Amico/King Duncan
  • Stanley Tucci as Mal/Malcolm
  • Carl Capotorto as Don/Donalbain
  • Michael Badalucco as Sal/Seyton
  • Robert Modica as Carmello Rossi/Ross
  • David Thornton as Philly Como/Fleance
  • Dan Grimaldi as Carmine/Caithness
  • Joseph Carberry as Leonetti/Lennox
  • Richard Petrocelli as Artie/Angus
  • Edward Gallardo as Manuel/Menteith
  • Joseph Ragno as Padrino Ricci/Siward